What we do

What we do


We supply and apply various invisible treatments that reduce staining, reduce gum adhesion, reduce maintenance and reduce slip risks whilst restoring and maintaining original colours and vibrancy.  Gum removal effort is reduced and safety is increased.

QSS enables vastly improved shopping environments that contribute towards increased footfall, whilst helping reduce maintenance costs.


What are QSS’s target treatment areas?


Our Processes


Deep Cleansing

Preparation is key and critical to successful treatment application performance. QSS uniquely prepares surfaces to be treated with covered rotary “hot wash” equipment, heated water under pressure is provided by “stand alone” machines, with 2 machines per van. Water pressure can be adjusted from 200 bar (3000 psi) for stubborn non delicate surfaces i.e. concrete block paving, down to 2 bar (30psi) on delicate surfaces i.e. listed stone structures. Water temperature can be varied from 10c (32 f) up to 150c (2750 f) superheated steam (doff spec) lowest pressure coupled with highest temp is effective in minimised moisture absorption and kindest to the oldest and softest stone. Naturally we only use eco friendly chemicals to aid cleansing.

Our own impregnating protection applications are applied immediately to the paving as soon as it has dried, on the same shift, so no stains are sealed in.

Most work is carried out overnight to minimise disruption and maximise impact.


Significant project highlights?


Natural stone floor and brick wall treatments in the flagship Apple stores in Covent Garden and Edinburgh.  The complete recovery of a tarmac covered original 200 year old stone floor in Accrington Market Hall, and a variety of major projects as part of the regeneration schemes in Swindon, Hereford, Cardiff, Newport, Ammanford and Llanelli.  Many other long term relationships exist at Royal Borough of Kingston, Bedford, Oxford, Swindon, Bath, Hereford and Royal Forest Pennant Stone.  Prestige projects also include the stunning Apple Tree paving mosaic at Hereford Cathedral, the stunning “gold” Worcester Hive, both officially opened by the Her Majesty the Queen,  and the imaginative and striking English Heritage new visitor centre at Stonehenge.  Other notable discerning clients include Broadgate Estates, Compass, VSG, HML Hawkswoth, Thornwood Gardens in Kensington, Kings College School (Wimbledon) and Sir Timothy Sainsbury.


Where can QSS deliver the greatest benefits?


Experience confirms that chewing gum deposits are a major problem in regenerated retail environments, if left on untreated paving they become a real eye sore.  When treated with the right QSS impregnation 50% less gum sticks and the balance can be removed up to 50% faster. Clean up cost savings are obvious.

Adjacent pub/club ‘fast food’ outlets generate lots of related organic material staining’ whilst increased ‘traffic’ results in high levels of detritus.  Once QSS protected, the cleanup costs are halved!

In wet weather or when in store spillages occur heavy traffic areas can become dangerously slippery. We can deal with this and we also have specialist treatments than can self clean shady external areas thereby avoiding moss/algae/lichen re-growth.


Why choose QSS?

                                           98.4% Customer satisfaction

                                           100% Accident free

                                           100% Claims free

                                           100% Repeat business

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We only use the best proven materials so we can guarantee our work – in writing for up to five years

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