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Think about Asset whole life cost, not just design and build!


“Why spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar”

Please see below to discover the distinguished person who coined the above seasoned quote, to define this document!

Maintaining regeneration scheme vibrancy for years after completion?

Lighter, brighter vibrant new paving dramatically improves retail urban landscapes, specifically designed to increase footfall and commercial sustainability, so it’s not surprising Stake Holders invest millions of pounds on regeneration schemes. Unfortunately initial protection and maintenance of the paving after release is often an after-thought that is not factored into the budget, or worse – not even considered at all! Urban maintenance budgets are constantly under severe pressure and lack of where with all to maintain new paving from gum, food, drinks, oil and organic staining all too often combines to cause rapid asset devaluation.


The importance of protective treatments (preceded by a QSS construction cleanse)

Regenerated paving, once protected, with regular cleansing will be able to maintain the desired “clean and and vibrant” look. But the general consensus is that this is time consuming and unaffordable, but not with QSS!

QSS offers a complete “end to end” package. From treatment through cleansing to client training, stakeholders can now get value for money, longevity and pride from their regeneration schemes; the QSS unique invisible protection impregnation comes with a five year guarantee!

The protective impregnation is critical to the cleansing process in that it enables most stains to be removable, which is not the case with unprotected paving. The QSS protection simply enables the staining to be less permanent whilst still allowing natural stone in particular to breath. Protection is especially important on lighter coloured paving – increased footfall = increased staining! Prevention is better than cure.


Innovative, responsible ring fenced funding!

Example: Swindon’s typical Town centre regeneration scheme cost £10 million with 15,000m2 of new paving. On a project this size, the initial construction cleanse and 5 year invisible protection from QSS costs £90,000 and an annual deep cleanse costs £22,500. The total cost of protecting and cleansing the scheme for Year 1 is £112,000. Just 1% of the cost of the scheme. To continue the maintenance for 5 years amounts to 2% of the original scheme cost!

Put the team in clean…

QSS can organise, equip and train the local street cleansing teams to cleanse 15,000m2 quarterly for just £7,900 a year – only 53p/m2/year

Don’t take our word for it…

“Working with QSS to provide a bespoke, pre- treatment, natural stone solution for the Swindon regeneration scheme was pain-free and highly productive experience. The process works exactly as claimed, the paving in Regent Street, Swindon looks as good as new”.

Nick Horton, M.D. Forest of Dean Stone Firms, Gloucestershire.


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“Why spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar”

Quotation kindly provided and approved by The RT Hon Sir Timothy Sainsbury.
Sir Timothy Sainsbury is a personal client/commercial customer and has nothing to do with this company.

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