Precious Stone Mosaic Rejuvenated – Hereford Cathedral – CSI 100%

QSS Ltd protected and maintained 400m2 Forest Pennant Stone paving to optimise the natural colours and vibrancy of this prestige project at Hereford Cathedral.  The centre piece is the stunning 50m2, 100 piece Apple Tree Mosaic.

Customer Communication:

Hello Chris,

Thanks for this.  The royal visit went extremely well and despite a shower at 9.00a.m. , it

was fine for the rest of the morning.  I will complete the satisfaction score in due course.

I think we need to contact you in about 12 months for a repeat performance and I will

see that we make a diary note at this end.

Thanks for your help in making the Close in such good order for the Royal visit.



Mr S Kent,

Head of Finance & Cathedral Administrator


Customer Score 100%