Efflorescence – Exmouth – CSI 97%

Project name: Regatta Quay – Exmouth

Client: Eagle One Limited

Contractor: Midas Construction Ltd

Site: Seafront Promenade Paving Regatta Court, Regatta Quay

Project detail: Seal 900m² of new concrete block paving on top of sea wall

Product/s used: QBOND SB

Exmouth Regatta Quay      


Eagle One is redeveloping an old commercial harbour to form luxury homes on the sea front and around the rejuvenated harbour.  New block paving must continue to reflect the design qualities of this prestige development.

There was great concern as to the future salt water induced erosion of the blocks/jointing sand and even in extreme circumstances the loss of blocks due to the regularity of the English Channel winter storms.  Unsightly efflorescence was already evident on much of the new blocks caused by construction salts that bleed out of the blocks, amplified in this case by the sometimes harsh seafront location.

The client in addition wanted to significantly reduce general staining/gum adhesion levels whilst maintaining the quality appearance.

Finally there were considerable concerns as to the ongoing cleaning costs.  Making the surface easier to clean and maintain was seen as a key factor for the client.


QBOND SB already proved in another coastal location project that it could provide the stabilisation required.

The joint sand bonding treatment was applied once the surface had been thoroughly cleaned and joints re-sanded.  The specification applied meets MOD spec 035 for civil & military aircraft block paving

The joint stabilisation and sealant application was tested and found to meet the claimed standard in all respects.


  • The sealed paving now mirrors this prestige developments requirements
  • The paving is now sealed to minimise moss growth and ease future cleaning.
  • The bonded joint sand (also bonded to the blocks) will provide the best available protection
    against the prevailing coastal elements
  • QSS worked closely with Anzac Paving Ltd and Midas to ensure a seamless “on time” and “on budget” completion