Joint Stabilisation – Newquay Airport – CSI 100%

Project name:  Cornwall International Airport Newquay

Client:  Cornwall County Council

Contractors:  Anzac Construction/Mowlem PLC

Site:  Three new aircraft aprons adjacent to terminal building

Project:  Apply joint stabilisation and aircraft fluids barrier to 4500m2 of new standard concrete block paving

Product/s used:  QSANDBOND, elastomeric pre polymer sand bonding agent

CSI Score 100% 




The regions international airport had seen increased volumes of air traffic with much more envisaged in the future. Hence the addition of three new aircraft aprons adjacent to the Terminal building. In extreme operating conditions such as this any treatment applied to render the surface safe to operate MUST comply with MOD specification 035 (modified April 05), for stabilising joint sand on aircraft block paving.

Only upon satisfactory completion and inspection of the work
would the Airport receive their CAA licence to operate Aircraft within this new enlarged area.

Airports, situated as Newquay is, are very exposed to sudden weather changes – often on an hourly basis. February ‘06 was a particularly cold month with sub zero temperatures and snow.

Anzac, the paving contractor , completed the final pavement preparation prior to QSS applying the protective treatment selected so as to ensure that the joint “fill”met with the strict guidelines laid down by the MOD specification.



QSS innovatively avoided any requirement for post testing as QSS initially proved
that the sealer application of 1 ltr/2.6m2 exceeded the required joint sand penetration of
10 mm as specified by the MOD. QSS designed the foolproof calibrated application equipment.

QSS liaised with Weatherquest – micro climatic forecasters – to identify the only 5 day

suitable weather window prior to the release for operations, Weatherquest went on to provide 2 hourly warnings of temperature drops below 4c and any impending snow showers- one of which produced 75mm of snow in half an hour.

QSS liaised closely with Anzac throughout the whole final sanding procedure to ensure that the end result satisfied the MOD strict specification guidelines

The project was completed to time and budget even in the weather conditions experienced.



  • The new aircraft paving did not have wait to be tested (random block pull out etc) by the MOD, as the evidence of the calibrated application and the validity of the product was sufficient.
  • Newquay Airport received their CAA licence quicker than expected leading to a faster return on the investment for them.
  • The CAA were impressed with QSS and highly
    complimentary of the approach taken by QSS to ensure that the work was completed in advance of the contracted end date.


QSS has a testimonial on the ‘weatherquest’ website, its MD is, Jim Bacon the TV renowned highly experienced weather forecaster. His team are recognised in the sector as providing a highly valued and accurate service to the civil aviation industry.