5 Year Paving Guarantee – Chelsea Barracks – CSI 100%

Project name: Chelsea Barracks

Client:  Qatari Diar/Metrus FM Ltd

Site:  The most coveted 12.8 acres in the world!

Project:  Deep cleanse and impregnate 7,750m2 of Royal Forest Pennant Stone paving

CSI Score 100%

Completed on time and to budget including a 5 Year Protection Performance Guarantee!



This unique £3.8b super luxury development will offer 325 unrivalled quality homes ranging from £2m up £50m. The historic Garrison Chapel (pictured) has been tastefully and beautifully restored.  Chelsea Barracks is designed to totally redefine luxury living.

This extraordinary development has been elegantly complemented with stunning Royal Forest Pennant Stone paving which needs to be maintained to the highest possible standard requires constant regular and appropriate maintenance to ensure that its colourful vibrancy only serves to enhance this highly prized prestige development.


To carry out a test panels to define the correct process to enhance natural colours, the Client approved outcome was approved and met with enthusiasm and satisfaction.  There was a further challenge for QSS; to ensure that the paving regularly looked at its best.



Following an extensive 2.5 years of trialling to identify the correct paving impregnation, QSTONE SF was approved to be applied to 7750m2 of Forest Pennant paving, before applying QSTONE SF, QSS carried out a comprehensive “post Construction” rotary hot wash deep cleanse augmented with a sophisticated chemical process developed and approved over many years with Forest Pennant Stone Ltd to remove all construction remnants to restore vibrancy. QSTONE SF invisibly reduces the paving surface porosity, so improving stain re-movability, whilst reducing future cleansing effort.

QSS spent time with the on site maintenance team to ensure they were able to maintain the required standard, QSS Inspect the paving FOC every 2 – 3 months and have set up a hotline should the on site teams require any extra guidance or help.


Client Testimonial

“Only the absolute best is acceptable at Chelsea Barracks! We chose QSS Because:- 1. Exhaustive on site testing proved the best product with a 5 year Guarantee. 2. They had an impressive “all Customer” C.S.I. score of 98.4%, we were confident we were in safe hands. Their planning was extensive to cover all risks, delivery went as planned. QSS are a highly capable specialist team delivering exceptional results. They are very professional and easy to do business with.”

Elliot Coleman, Director. Metrus Limited.


The protected paving remains easier to clean, aids detritus removal whilst minimising staining.  The protected Forest Pennant Stone graphically amplifies Chelsea Barracks outstanding quality. With a 5 year guarantee, QSS completed the project on time and to budget!