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QSS (Quality Surface Solutions Ltd) is the UK’s most comprehensive quality provider of:


QSS operates throughout the UK with a client spread from Cornwall to Scotland.

The treatments sector is a minefield of varying miracle promises that often fail to deliver.  Results are rarely validated and durability is not underpinned by a proper performance guarantee.

The sector is in the main populated by general cleaners, sealer suppliers of various origins, and related sub contractors applying any material that they are given – often without correct preparation. This then translates into avoidance of any post application performance responsibility – almost at any price.

QSS initially recognised that the general sectors approach lacked cohesion and integrity and it consequently led to client dissatisfaction and frustration. It therefore presented QSS with an enormous market opportunity that in recent years has been fuelled by increased customer expectations, maintenance cost reduction pressure, and the use of lighter coloured more expensive natural stone paving.

In complete contrast to the competition QSS takes full ‘end to end’ responsibility for each project. We prepare the paving by ‘hot wash’ deep cleansing supported by appropriate eco friendly chemical as required, and if requested we then supply and apply the appropriate impregnation so as to enable us to guarantee product performance for up to 5 years.

The exclusive core base surface protection product we use has proved for over 25 years that it consistently reduces gum adhesion by circa 50% and cuts the remaining Gum spot cleaning times by half.

We validate client requirements so as to deliver the best quality solutions available. We then take responsibility for the implementation of the chosen solution before working with and training the client to ensure the savings are identified and delivered. We only use the best proven materials so we can guarantee our work – for up to 5 years.


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                                           98.4% Customer satisfaction

                                           100% Accident free

                                           100% Claims free

                                           100% Repeat business

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