The UK’s Leading Natural Stone Maintenance Specialist


For more than 20 years’ QSS (Quality Surface Solutions) has cleansed, treated and protected many of the busiest pavements, prestigious buildings and high-spec homes across the UK.

Using proven treatment solutions we work with local authorities, developers, retailers, facilities management companies and architects to protect and revitalise vertical and horizontal surfaces to restore natural colours and vibrancy.

Uniquely, we provide written guarantees up to five years.


Solution Scope

Exclusive treatments that deliver unparalleled solutions that last:-


Customer Partnering

Unlike conventional surface treatment distributors we don’t just supply materials:-


Technical Information

Comprehensive Technical Data Sheets on all our products are freely available upon request.


Why choose QSS?

                                           98.4% Customer satisfaction

                                           100% Accident free

                                           100% Claims free

                                           100% Repeat business

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